Life coaching & consultancy specialising in behavioural science to really change what you do and live a happier life.


We’re all full of good intentions, “I’m going to quit my job.” “I’m going to get fit”, but we know from science that only 1/4 of our intentions ever turn into a real change in our behaviour.

My approach to coaching doesn’t just focus on your goals (they’re not for everyone) but I will focus on you.

By tapping into your values, your purpose, and what really makes your heart sing, I will bring to life your inner wisdom and power to do what you really want to.

Using the power of accountability and fuelled by the latest evidence in behavioural science (LSE), I will work with you to help re-design your contexts and environments to make it easier for you to change what you do and lead a more engaged, fun and fulfilling life. Who do I coach?

For a sample session book here or for agencies, see the 'consultancy' page.